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How to connect Google Data Studio with Facebook?

To connect Facebook with Data Studio you must use a connector. It happens because Google doesn’t have access to Facebook’s API and requires an additional tool to extract the data from Facebook’s platform. Learn all about it below.

facebook ads dashboard - data studio template

📊Google Data studio Facebook 2021

Google Data Studio is one of the tools in the Google Analytics 360 suite, which transforms data into interactive reports and dashboards. Data Studio works using connectors that link directly from platforms with its API enabled and manages to transform the raw data into tables and charts that allow you to visualize the information in a descriptive and personalized way. 

To connect Facebook with Data Studio please note the following:

  • A connector provided by a third party is necessary because Google doesn’t connect directly with Facebook.
  • The integration of Google Data Studio with Facebook is made very easy directly in the platform. You only need to assign permissions.
  • You must have a Google account and also authorization to Facebook assets, ideally Facebook Business Manager.

🎁14 days FREE trial

Data Studio, Sheets and Excel connector for Facebook, Instagram, linkedIn, Analytics 4 and much more.

📈Facebook connector for Data Studio

In the market there are several Google Data Studio Facebook connectors that allow you to take all the data to build a nice report. At Datareporte we always use and recommend Supermetrics, their Data Studio connectors for Facebook have very good performance and works for Data Studio, Google Sheets and even Excel. Through Supermetrics, you will be able to connect with Facebook Insights, Facebook Ads and Facebook Public Data.

💙Facebook Insights Google Data Studio

The Facebook Insights Data Studio or Google Data Studio Facebook for pages connector from Supermetrics, will allow you to get the main metrics of your pages such as followers, reach, impressions, interactions and the others necessary to make an automated tracking of the results of your marketing and content strategy.

📢Data Studio Facebook Ads

The Google Data Studio Facebook Ads connector from Supermetrics is an essential partner to monitor your campaigns on this platform. Connect your data from Facebook Ads to Google Data Studio, grant permissions and build your own custom dashboards and track performance metrics such as likes, clicks, impressions, reach, investment and more. Get fresh, up-to-date data in one place using Data Studio.

🔥Data Studio Facebook Public Data

Facebook offers an API to get public data and information from the platform. Use the Supermetrics Facebook Public Data connector to make benchmarks or monitoring your pages and competitor’s pages. With this connector you will get data such as number of followers, posts and reactions to posts from pages that are not owned by you and are public.

📈Step by step to connect Facebook with Data Studio (Using Supermetrics)

Using both tools is very simple, you just need a Google account and access Supermetrics with the trial version or purchase a license. Check below how to do it

⚠️Required knowledge

  • Web analytics
  • Metrics
  • Dimensions

🔧Required tools

Estimated cost: USD 69


Estimated duration: 5 minutes

  • 1. Google Data Studio

    Log in to your Google Data Studio account. If you don’t have one, set it up for free with your Google email and click on empty report.

    Click here to go to Data Studio.

  • 2. Choosing connectors

    Type “supermetrics” in the connector browsing bar at the top and choose one of the data source connectors of your choice.

    You will need to grant Supermetrics access to your data source in this step.

  • 3. Connector setup

    Supermetrics will ask for certain options specific to each data source you wish to connect to, select and click on the corresponding checkboxes.

    (The screenshot shown may be different from the one you see).

  • 4. Acceso

    Click on the “add to report” button to grant access to your data sources.

    (The screenshot shown may be different from the one you see).


That’s it, the data source is connected! You can now start building your automated dashboard.

If you have not paid for a membership, click here to claim a 14-day Free Trial.👇

Supermetrics supermetrics logo 14 days FREE

Click Here to get your FREE trial!

🤑Free Facebook connector Data Studio 2021

The Data Studio connectors on the market have trial versions but there is no Data Studio connector for Facebook for free. Unfortunately there is no tool that supports the development of this connector for free. However; there is a very interesting option called Dataslayer that has connectors for Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights with a lower cost than Supermetrics and the possibility of having more connectors like Google My Business, Bing and more.

🎁Facebook Data Studio Templates

Google Data Studio allows you to create, share and edit templates or templates of different reports that you make on this platform. Click to see the selection of Data Studio templates for Facebook.

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How to connect Google data Studio with Facebook?
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How to connect Google data Studio with Facebook?
To connect Facebook with Data Studio you must use a connector. It happens because Google doesn't have access to Facebook's API and requires an additional tool to extract the data from Facebook's platform. Learn all about it below.
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